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Holon and Tripica Regions Maps by MurderosZdska Holon and Tripica Regions Maps :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 5 0 Hope Still Rides by MurderosZdska Hope Still Rides :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 3 1 The Mega of Men by MurderosZdska The Mega of Men :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 2 0 All Hallow's Eve Special: Ghost of Mother Marowak by MurderosZdska All Hallow's Eve Special: Ghost of Mother Marowak :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 2 3 MurderosZdska spriter profile by MurderosZdska MurderosZdska spriter profile :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 1 13 Custom Sonic Badnik Sprites by MurderosZdska Custom Sonic Badnik Sprites :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 2 0 Legendary Council 'Ketsuban' by MurderosZdska Legendary Council 'Ketsuban' :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 1 7 Gothic Mario - Toad by MurderosZdska Gothic Mario - Toad :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 0 1
Pokemon Gaia: Chapter 4
         Pokemon Gaia Chapter 4: The Path to Nexus City, Part 1: Lake of Wrath
Last time, our heroes encountered the Team Gaia grunts, Jack and Jillian hunting a Dratini, and our heroes had to help the Pokemon escape the two. In the end, the grunts were defeated and Chris caught the Dratini they were helping. But, the place they will visit might be their last...
Chris and Brian walked the overgrown path, wary of the masses of Pokemon watching from the shadows. The Pokemon on route 50 were not usually this aggressive, and both of the trainer's Pokemon showed the wounds; they had cuts and bruises all over them. The forest around them seemed to contract, hiding the sky from them. Needless to say, our heroes were getting aggravated.
"Grahh! Does this path EVER end!?" Exclaimed Brian. Chris said nothing. He was deep within his own thoughts ever since a Staraptor tried to eat his Dratini. Absorbed by their own thoughts, the duo practically fell in
:iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 0 1
Fuse Corp Evelia by MurderosZdska Fuse Corp Evelia :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 0 4
Pokemon Gaia Chapter 3
                                      Pokemon Gaia Chapter 3: Epic Quest! Team Gaia appears!
Last Time: Chris defeated his rival Christian, and Brian and Chris started their Pokemon journey, but found a Dratini being chased by two Team Gaia goons.
Brian vaguely recognized the feel of dirt and of a Pokemon's foot on his chest, and saw it was Machop gloating over taking out Jack & Jillian in one hit. Coughing dirt out of his mouth, he said, "Get offa me!" Machop did a double take and removed his foot off him. Well, Brian thought, at least he was alive.
Mijumaru & Dratini had arrived at a very  large tree with pink leaves at the end of the path they were on. "What's that?" asked the Mijumaru to the Dratini. Dratini had a faint memory about a dragon guarding a beautiful tree that
:iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 0 1
Pokemon Gaia: Chapter 2
                                                Pokemon Gaia Chapter 2: A new journey, part 2
Last Time, Brian OWNED his rival, Michel, after getting their own respective first Pokemon, But Chris is missing...
As we let off, Brian was racing to the Pokemon Courts. When he got there, he was met with an amazing sight. Chris and Mijumaru were facing of against Christian Newman and his Pichu!
Christian was the first to break the silence "Pichu use Thunder beam!" The Pichu launched a solid beam of electricity at the Mijumaru. Christian appeared ecstatic. "Yay! Now we'll be partners forever!"
Oh, boy. Chris bet his friendship on this battle thinking it was an easy victory. Of course he didn't know that  he got lessons from the local Master, thoug
:iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 0 3
The Jerra Region by MurderosZdska The Jerra Region :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 0 1 Machop and Brian by MurderosZdska Machop and Brian :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 0 0
Pokemon Gaia Chapter 1
                                                    Chapter 1: The Start of a journey, part1
In the Jerra Region, approx 60 Miles from the Isshu Region, it is the birthday of 10-year old Brian Lerstad, a fan of fighting types, and his best friend, Chris Dixon, a fan of water and dragon types. These two will soon begin their own Pokemon Journey, but a dark world exists behind the picturesque Jerra Region.
Like all regions, Jerra has it's own criminal organization: Team Gaia. This group wants control over the legendary Pokemon, Gaeath, the spirit of the earth. We will now follow Brian, who is just beginning to wake up...
"Mraaghh..." Waking up, for Brian, meant to leave your own world and enter another, and he hated it.
Then he reme
:iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 0 1
Rotogon-H - ERROR by MurderosZdska Rotogon-H - ERROR :iconmurderoszdska:MurderosZdska 5 2


Majestic Diamonds by LessaNamidairo Majestic Diamonds :iconlessanamidairo:LessaNamidairo 262 22 Quarantine Woman (MAGMML2) by KarakatoDzo Quarantine Woman (MAGMML2) :iconkarakatodzo:KarakatoDzo 59 16 UB-08 Inspire by YingYangHeart UB-08 Inspire :iconyingyangheart:YingYangHeart 68 21 Mini Single Clothing Adopt  [CLOSED] by JxW-SpiralofChaos Mini Single Clothing Adopt [CLOSED] :iconjxw-spiralofchaos:JxW-SpiralofChaos 81 19 INFINITE by A-R-Q INFINITE :icona-r-q:A-R-Q 206 4 Pixel.EXE by Higure-san Pixel.EXE :iconhigure-san:Higure-san 81 3 Corsola regional variant by JWNutz Corsola regional variant :iconjwnutz:JWNutz 67 10 RWBY Bestiary (Apocryphal Records): Cretan by Demize00Zero RWBY Bestiary (Apocryphal Records): Cretan :icondemize00zero:Demize00Zero 134 5 Clothing Adopt  [CLOSED] by JxW-SpiralofChaos Clothing Adopt [CLOSED] :iconjxw-spiralofchaos:JxW-SpiralofChaos 63 18 Copy of Korrasami sketch by mkonstantinov Copy of Korrasami sketch :iconmkonstantinov:mkonstantinov 285 30 FAKEMON: Demrifnoc by Master-Rainbow FAKEMON: Demrifnoc :iconmaster-rainbow:Master-Rainbow 218 64 Fakemon: Big Bugger by The-Knick Fakemon: Big Bugger :iconthe-knick:The-Knick 148 10 148-Drathero by Dragonith 148-Drathero :icondragonith:Dragonith 512 91 Final Heaven by RyouKazehara Final Heaven :iconryoukazehara:RyouKazehara 55 3 Morrigan vs Flesh Thief by Blazbaros Morrigan vs Flesh Thief :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 352 13 Creature doodles: mystic/elemental by JWNutz Creature doodles: mystic/elemental :iconjwnutz:JWNutz 50 3
You won't be hearing from me for a while.
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United States
...I am a wraith...
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Current Residence: Elicott City
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